CIM at EFIC 2022!

The Center for Intelligent Musculoskeletal Health (CIM) has been at European Pain Federation (EFIC) in Dublin. This year’s theme was “Targeting pain and its co-morbidities in the digital age”. Several interesting topics were covered, for example, Artificial intelligence in pain research, Sleep and pain, depression and pain, and new research methodologies in pain management

CIM was represented with six posters from our research group MUSKHealth.

PhD Student Ørjan Vigdal
«Predictive validity of STarT Back Screening Tool in older adults with back pain in primary care: The BACE-N cohort study»
PhD Student Fiona Aanesen
«Effectiveness of stratified vocational advice or motivational interviewing for return to work among workers on sick leave with musculoskeletal disorders: a randomized controlled trial»
PhD Student Linn Myrtveit Stensrud
«How do heterosexual couples experience living with vulvodynia and how do they communicate about the disorder?»
PhD Student Mette Bøymo Kaarbø «Feasibility and Acceptability of Somatocognitive Therapy in the Treatment of Women with Provoked Localised Vestibulodynia: ProLoVe-feasibility Study»
PhD Student Kaja Smedbråten
«Are health complaints in adolescence associated with future persistent musculoskeletal pain? Prospective analyses from the Fit Futures Study»

PhD Student Tarjei Langseth Rysstad «Identification and characterization of trajectories of sickness absence and disability pension due to musculoskeletal pain: a 1 year population-based study»