Britt Elin Øiestad

Current position: Professor, PT. Leader of Pillar III in CIM.
Areas of interest: Knee osteoarthritis, Cruciate ligament injuries, Sports medicine, Adolescents, Young adults, Epidemiology


Britt Elin graduated as a Mensendieck physiotherapist from Oslo University College in 1999, Master of Health Sciences from NTNU in 2004, PhD from the University of Oslo in 2011. 

She has worked as a physiotherapist in primary health care in the period 1999-2006, thereafter with research and teaching. Britt Elin was employed in a permanent position at the Department of Physiotherapy at OsloMet in 2014. She is now the leader of MUSKHealth research group at OsloMet.

Link to Britt Elin’s official OsloMet website: Britt Elin Øiestad – OsloMet

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