The MUSKHEL project

Principal Investigator Kirsti Riiser

PhD student Solveig Veshovda

Collaborators Marit Andersen (University of Oslo), Hedda Eik (Oslo Metropolitan University & University of Oslo)

The MUSKHEL project will provide information that is imperative for the development of standardized research-based interventions but also has immediate value to practicing school physiotherapists through increasing their understanding of adolescents’ musculoskeletal health literacy. The MUSKHEL- study has a mixed methods design containing three sub studies: 1) a scoping review to accumulate and synthesize available evidence of the literature on health literacy related to musculoskeletal disorders. 2) A cross-sectional cohort study aiming to identify variables associated with health literacy and musculoskeletal disorders and investigate the association between adolescents’ health literacy and musculoskeletal disorders. 3) A qualitative study consisting of individual interviews with representatives of the adolescents. The interviews will give a more comprehensive picture of the context of the adolescents’ musculoskeletal health literacy strengths, limitations and needs.