Niclas Karlsson

Current position: Professor at OsloMet
Areas of interest: Glycobiology, Osteoarhritis, Cancer, Glycoinformatics, Glycoproteins


Prof Niclas Karlsson did his PhD in mucins and diseases in 1997 supervised by Prof. Gunnar Hansson and Dr Hasse Karlsson at University of Gothenburg before joining in 1999 the Australian start-up company Proteome Systems Ltd working with Dr Nicolle Packer to develop current state-of-the-art N– and O-linked glycomics. Between 2006-2009 he worked with Bristol Myers Squibb to manage an Irish program to improve analysis during production of glycobiologicals. In 2009 returned back to academia as a principal investigator at Gothenburg University. Since 2021 he is appointed as full professor at Oslo Metropolitan University pursuing the role of O-linked glycans in cancer and osteoarthritis. He has developed the global glycobioinformatic resources UniCarb-DB and UniCarb-DR working together with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, He has published over 200 articles and holds 5 patents in cancer glycobioinformatics and osteoarthritis.

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