WP1: User perspectives on quality in transitional health care for geriatric patients

The overall aim of WPA is obtain new and user-based knowledge that can contribute to the development of practical guidelines for high quality of transitional health care for geriatric patients. We will map key activities and professionals involved in 30-days transitional care.


This WP incorporates the experiences of geriatric patients, their next of kin and health care professionals by addressing the following key research questions:

  • How do these groups experience the extent to which the health care system satisfies geriatric patients’ needs for quality of transitional care, as measured by established quality indicators?
  • What do they suggest as relevant improvement measures and interventions to promote quality of transitional care for geriatric patients from hospital discharge up to 30 days after discharge?
  • In what ways do they perceive their experience, knowledge and values to be of importance for discharge planning, transitional care strategies, clinical decisions, coordination and transfer of care across settings?
  • Which solutions do they consider important to communicate to health authorities in order to improve quality of transitional care in geriatric patients?