On 23 March, a professional seminar on digitization will be organized under the auspices of DIGILUI, a network with members from research groups across the faculty’s departments. The purpose of the seminar is to share knowledge and initiate a professional discussion about research on digitization across groups across the entire faculty. In seminar, we want… Continue reading DIGILUI SEMINAR 23. MARCH

Welcome to DigU’s kick-off Symposium

DigU (Digitalisering i utdanning / Digitalisation of Education) is having a kick-off symposium on the theme of digital competence in schools. This is the first of a series of activities that the group will arrange the coming years. At this meeting we have two exciting invited talks followed by a discussion on our shared agenda… Continue reading Welcome to DigU’s kick-off Symposium

Fagmiljøet Digitalisering i utdanning (DigU)

Fagmiljøet Digitalisering i utdanning (DigU), som har status som et fremragende miljø ved fakultet for lærerutdanning og internasjonale studier (LUI), har utgangspunkt i forskergruppen Digitale læringsarenaer (DLA). DigU anlegger et bredt perspektiv på bruk og forståelse av digitalisering i utdanning. Det omfatter bruk av digitale verktøy i undervisning og læring, strategier for digitalisering og digitale… Continue reading Fagmiljøet Digitalisering i utdanning (DigU)