Welcome to DigU’s kick-off Symposium

DigU (Digitalisering i utdanning / Digitalisation of Education) is having a kick-off symposium on the theme of digital competence in schools. This is the first of a series of activities that the group will arrange the coming years. At this meeting we have two exciting invited talks followed by a discussion on our shared agenda and next steps. Refreshments will be provided at the end, and we request that you register below. Also note that the talks will be streamed virtually.

When: 29 November, 13:30-15:30(+)

Where: OsloMet P46 in room PA128



13:00- Welcome & Coffee

13:30 – Intro (Rolf Steier)

13:35 – Ola Erstad (UiO) presents his recent article: Facing the challenges of ‘digital competence’ (with short question round)

14:15 – Short Break

14:30 – Øyunn Syrstad Høydal & Marit Haldar (OsloMet) present their recent article: A tale of the digital future: analyzing the digitalization of the norwegian education system (with short question round)

15:15 – Facilitated discussion

15:30 – END + food/drink