On 23 March, a professional seminar on digitization will be organized under the auspices of DIGILUI, a network with members from research groups across the faculty’s departments. The purpose of the seminar is to share knowledge and initiate a professional discussion about research on digitization across groups across the entire faculty. In seminar, we want to focus on questions that researchers across LUI’s department are concerned with and are working on in connection with digitalization: What has been researched at LUI’s departments in the past year? Which perspectives and methods are used and developed? What kinds of knowledge have been generated and which research questions are important in the future? Do we have shared interests and approaches? How are our foci different and can we learn something from each other? The aim is that each institute gets to present its own research, what they see as important and that we get to map out different approaches, knowledge proposals and key issues where we can contribute to larger debates.

register here: https://nettskjema.no/a/311324

Tentative program
0900-0930 – Introduction and background: DIGILUI, CEDIC, DIGU
0930-1010 – Overview and examples from the research at IST
1010-1025 – Break
1025-1105 – Overview and examples from the research at YLU
1130-1230 – Lunch
1230-1310 – Overview and examples from the research at BLU
1310-1325 – Break
1325-1405 – Overview and examples from the research at GFU
1405-1420 – Break
1420-1530 – Panel debate (synthesis) and plenary discussion: how do we take this further?

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