Resisting the News: Engaged Audiences, Alternative Media, and Popular Critique of Journalism

Time and place: Wednesday, May 26th, 3-4 pm GMT+1 (Oslo

Jennifer Rauch, Ph.D, is a professor of journalism and communication studies at Linfield University in McMinville, Oregon, USA. Her research on alternative media, news audiences, ritual communication, media absention, and zines has been widely published. 

Social media platforms and the expanding strategies of content moderation

Time and place: Wednesday February 24th, 3-4 pm GMT+1 (Oslo)

Tarleton Gillespie, PhD, Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Affiliated Associate Professor, Cornell University

The Crisis of the Institutional Press

Time and place: Wednesday March 24th, 3-4 pm GMT+1 (Oslo)

Stephen D. Reese, Ph.D. Jesse H. Jones Professor, University of Texas

Journalistic Identity and Performance in Social Media Platforms

Time and place: Wednesday, April 28th, 3-4 pm GMT+1 (Oslo)

Presentation by Claudia Andrea Mellado Ruiz, Professor of Journalism in the School of Journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile.

Gaming the System’: The Discursive Politics of Algorithmic Visibility

Time and place: Wednesday January 27th, 3-4 pm GMT+1 (Oslo)

Caitlin Petre, PhD, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University