OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Group (DJRG) strives towards being a leading environment for research and development activities within the field of digital journalism in Norway, as well as internationally. Research-based knowledge is much needed to understand how the profession and the journalistic institutions are changing, and also to gain a more refined understanding of journalism’s role and boundaries in society and thus also of what journalism is and what (digital) journalism studies should be.

Journalism as a profession and the journalistic institutions are going through major transformations due to digitalization, changing the structural and political framework for journalism, including media policies and business models. Advertising revenues having dropped substantially, being displaced to global platform companies. News media increasingly turn to audience analytics and metrics to better understand audience engagement how to provide value and attract reader revenues. Nevertheless, just as citizens have become reliant on digital platforms in their everyday life, also many news publishers depend on platforms non-proprietary to them.

Social media platforms non-proprietary to journalistic institutions nowadays cover many of the functions previously managed by them. Emerging digital technologies change how journalism functions and how both news and other forms of information and disinformation is produced, distributed and consumed. This has major implications for what it means to be a journalist, and the epistemic news practices these engage in.

Digital innovation in areas such as micro-blogging, video, podcasts, chatbots, augmented reality, automation and data journalism has opened new ways for journalists to produce news, express themselves, and develop genres and discourses.

The journal Digital Journalism is an outlet for advancing international research into digital journalism studies (DJS). Digital Journalism aims to deliver cutting-edge journalism research, providing a critical forum to advance scholarship that intersects with numerous disciplines.

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