PhD dissertation

Anurajee Rasalingam defended her PhD dissertation ”Emerging adults living with long-term health challenges” December 13. 2023. Her three published articles are:

Rasalingam, Anurajee; Brekke, Idunn ; Stenberg, Una; Haaland-Øverby, Mette ; Helseth, Sølvi (2023). ‘Struggling to participate in everyday life’: emerging adults’ experiences of living with long-term health challenges. BMC Public Health. Vol. 23.

Rasalingam, Anurajee; Brekke, Idunn ; Dahl, Espen ; Helseth, Sølvi (2021). Impact of growing up with somatic long-term health challenges on school completion, NEET status and disability pension: a population-based longitudinal study. BMC Public Health. Vol. 21.

Rasalingam, Anurajee; Fegran, Liv; Brekke, Idunn ; Helseth, Sølvi (2020). Young people with long-term health challenges experiences in transition to adulthood: A qualitative metasynthesis. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Vol. 77.