October afterwork for Phd Candidates

illustration of Stick figure running away from books, papers and laptop looking scared.

Afterwork for Phd Candidates will return on the 11th of October.

Are you doing your PhD at OsloMet, and find yourself in need of a relaxing break? Perhaps you have just started and want to meet other people doing their PhD’s here? Want to exchange life hacks and advice? Or do you just want to start the weekend on an up-note?  Come and meet other PhD Candidates, and bring a PhD-colleague as well! This evening is all dedicated to frustration and complaining to peers who understand you, as well as relaxation and having fun while not thinking about your research. You decide!

– We provide place and time, and you buy whatever food and/or drinks you like while there.

– Coming alone and unsure of who to say hi to first? No worries! Find the woman with the purple and blue hair 😉

The Ph.d.-forum at OsloMet looks forward to seeing you there!

Date: 11th of October 2019

Time: From 15.30 (or when you’re done working)

Place: Eldhuset, Dahlsbergstien 19

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