Replay or renew? Learning from 20+ years of Norwegian-Russian collaboration on health and social welfare in the Barents region

A research project (2021-2024) funded by the Research Council of Norway (The UTENRIKS programme)


  • New article from RE:Barents
    Jørn Holm-Hansen and Aadne Aasland’s article «Cross-Border Cooperation Against the Odds? Russian and Norwegian Grassroots Organizations in a Changed Geopolitical Environment» has been published in Journal of Northern Studies (no. 1 2024). It is available for downloading together with the rest of the issue.
  • RE:Barents article published in Journal of Borderlands Studies
    “It Seemed Like Forever!” Shrinking Spaces of Conviviality at the Border of Norway and Russia Erika Gubrium, Aadne Aasland, Benedikte V. Lindskog, Erika Arteaga & Igor Mikheev ABSTRACT “Conviviality” is a useful term for exploring interactions and relationships taking place between different groups of people. While conviviality may arise through everyday processes, rhythms, and senses of …
  • Masters thesis from the RE:Barents project
    Erika López Arteaga successfully completed her Masters thesis within the RE:Barents project! Congratulations to Erika!


RE:Barents examines the impact of Norwegian–Russian collaboration on health and social welfare in the Barents region since 2000. The project fills a gap by producing knowledge on the long-term impact of the projects, programmes and work of the committees, councils and expert groups engaged in this collaboration, and how it has affected the quality and durability of networks between authorities on various levels.

The overarching research question:
What are the impacts, direct and indirect, of the past 20+ years of Norwegian–Russian collaboration in health and social welfare in the Barents region?