Publications / dissemination

Papers at academic conferences

Jørn Holm-Hansen, Aadne Aasland and Elena Dybtsyna, «Cross-border cooperation between Russian and Norwegian grassroot organizations. To what extent is it affected by changes in the geopolitical atmosphere?» Paper presented at the conference «Relations in the Borderlands: Old and New Inhabitants» in Byalistok, Poland 23-24 September 2021.

Media coverage

RE:BARENTS – ny forskning på helsesamarbeid mellom Norge og Russland, The Barents Secretariat, 29 September 2021

Jørn Holm-Hansen and Aadne Aasland, «Når folk kommer sammen», Dagsavisen 22 October 2021, p. 6

Books and reports

Still building neighbourhood: Mid-term evaluation of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat’s grant programme (Jørn Holm-Hansen, Aadne Aasland, Elena Dybtsyna, OsloMet 2020)