New SIFO PhD student to work on the RELINK project

The SIFO team welcomes their newest member, PhD student Helene Teigen, to the project group. Her background is in media studies with two master’s degrees, from the University of Oslo and the University of Glasgow.

She has been working as a research assistant at SIFO, OsloMet, for the past two years where she gained experience by working on different projects using various methods and theories. Among other things, she has taken part in an extensive, transdisciplinary fieldwork in Norwegian consumers’ households to investigate consumer food handling. This experience will be useful for RELINK, as she will conduct most of the fieldwork of work package 3 in collaboration with the PhD student from the Department of Computer Science at OsloMet.

Furthermore, she will contribute to RELINK with her doctoral project with the preliminary working title ‘Digital vulnerabilities and everyday practices: A fieldwork study of digital risk and resilience with IoT devices in Norwegian households’.

Teigen is currently in the process of developing the proposal into a full project description.

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