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Portrait photo of Anne Balke Staver, in a turqouise sweater and glasses.

Anne Balke Staver

Project manager – Senior Researcher at NIBR

Anne is a political scientist working at the intersection of law and public policy. Her research focuses on the regulation of immigration and integration in Europe. Her PhD (University of Toronto, 2014) compared the regulation of family immigration to Denmark, Norway and the UK.

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Bilde av Helga Eggebø

Helga Eggebø

Research Professor at Nordland Research Institute

Helga Eggebø holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Bergen. Her thesis investigated the regulation of marriage migration to Norway. Her key research areas are immigration regulations, ageing and living conditions among lgbtqi people. Helga also has an interest in collective research methods and has developed the method “collective qualitative analysis”.

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Vilde Hernes portrait on green background

Vilde Hernes

Senior Researcher at NIBR

Vilde holds a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo. She studies public policy and administration, with an empirical focus on immigration and integration multi-level governance, policy development and effects. In her research, she applies a cross-national comparative perspective and combines both qualitative and quantitative methods

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Tone Maia Liodden

Senior Researcher at NIBR

Tone Liodden has a PhD in sociology; her research interests include migration, life stories, decision-making and sociology of law.

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Mariann Stærkebye Leirvik

Senior Researcher at NIBR

Mariann Stærkebye Leirvik holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oslo. Her research areas are racism and discrimination, ethnic capital and social class, ethnic diversity within the police, and how immigration and integration regulations affects the life choices of immigrants.

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