Restrictive or selective? The faces of Norwegian Immigration Policy.

Norwegian immigration policy is increasingly selective, not only restrictive: asylum and family migration are both restricted, while non-EEA labor migration is facilitated. Norway is part of an international race for talent and a race to the bottom on asylum. The article examines policy development and the decoupling of labor migration policy at different levels. It ends with a discussion of normative implications.

Follow the Money: Income Requirements in Norwegian Immigration Regulations

Following the 2015 refugee crisis, Norwegian politicians introduced proposals to extend a family reunification income requirement to refugee sponsors and to introduce an income requirement for permanent residence. This chapter seeks to explain why one of the income requirements was implemented and the other not. It harnesses CBacchi’s approach to policy analysis, asking, ‘What is the problem represented to be?’ in a close reading of relevant documents. 


Helga Eggebø and Anne Balke Staver

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