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SIFO project note 3-2023: Food Security- the Experience of Poor Households of Cauca, Colombia

Background: Food insecurity refers to a lack of access to guarantee enough food in terms of quantity, quality, use and stability. There are different causes of food insecurity, and the household food insecurity is one of the main causes of malnutrition in vulnerable populations.

Object: To study food security in households in terms of food availability and food access in four municipalities in the department of Cauca, Colombia.

Conclusion: Food insecurity is highly prevalent among households in both rural and urban areas in Cauca, Colombia, and is accompanied with limited access to food and poor variety of the diet. The main drivers were living in urban zones, ethnicity, vulnerabilities among household members, and not having permanent income sources and/or subsidies.

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Seminar in Popayán, May 2022

After the seminar, there was made a booklet with abstracts and visualizations of the presentations.

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Presentation: Politica alimentaria en Colombia by Gilma Olaya V. PhD. Reunión academica en la Universidad Javeriana 13/10/2021

Gilma Olaya Vega
Arne Dulsrud