Closing gaps in social citizenship. New tools to foster social resilience in Europe (EUROSHIP)

Opportunities to write your MA thesis in an international research project

The overall aim of the EUROSHIP project is to provide an original and gender-sensitive assessment of the current gaps in social protection across Europe, especially for low-skilled and low-income women and men.

Through the involvement of national and European civil society organizations, social partners and government representatives, EUROSHIP aims to develop policy recommendations on how to strengthen social citizenship at the national and EU level.

EUROSHIP will provide new knowledge about the effectiveness of social protection policies targeted at reducing poverty and social exclusion in Europe. Focal points will be the roles of

  • social protection systems (including minimum income schemes),
  • digitalisation of work and social protection delivery, and
  • the political opportunities for exercising choice and influence by three groups of citizens:

youth at risk,

precarious workers with care obligations and

elderly and disabled people with long-term care needs.

Linking the results of the different analyses, will give original insights on how social rights mitigate social and economic vulnerabilities across the life-course and affect the scope for exercising social citizenship within a multi-level governance system. The project will add to the knowledge base for further implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals/Agenda 2030, and through this, upward social convergence between Member States.

The project will address

  • gaps in how and to what extent citizens are protected against risks of poverty and social exclusion in different stages of the life-course,
  • gaps in how EU-level and national social rights are implemented by national governments,
  • gaps in how social rights are enforced by public institutions, and
  • gaps in how social rights are used by individual citizens and citizens’ groups.

For more information about the project:

MA thesis topics

We welcome students with an interest in social citizenship studies. We invite students in social policy to submit proposals for MA theses on one of the following topics:

  1. Management of risk of poverty and social exclusion (coping and resistance strategies) among
  2. youth with low or unfinished education, or
  3. precarious families with care obligations (for children, disabled or elderly persons), or
  4. low income elderly and disabled persons with long-term care needs.    
  5. Reforms in minimum income protection and their effects on poverty in Norway and other European countries after the Recession (the financial crisis)
  6. Opportunities for collective voice and influence among social security claimants, immigrants, disabled people or other citizens groups in the deliberation of social policy in Norway or other European countries.
  7. Consequences of digitation of social services for the elderly or persons with disabilities.
  8. Implementation of smart house technology in provision of long-term care services for persons of age and persons with disabilities.
  9. Analyse the policy reponses to the European Accessibility Act  or the Web accessibility Directive

You are welcome to suggest other related topics. Please indicate on your two page proposal that you want to be involved with the EUROSHIP project.


Rune Halvorsen (, Scientific Coordinator of EUROSHIP  

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