Abstract submission

Abstract deadline has been extended to 28th February 2022

We invite the submission of abstracts for individual papers, organized paper sessions, lightning talks, roundtables and working sessions. All submitted abstracts should address various aspects of the sociology of consumption. More detailed information about the themes and types of submissions can be found below.

Letters of acceptance will be sent to participants by 3 April 2022

You will the link to ConfTool here: https://www.conftool.org/sociology-of-consumption-2022

Guidelines for abstracts

The abstract needs to include an informative and descriptive title and a body text of 150-300 words. 

Abstract acceptance will be judged by the coherence of the following evaluation criteria:

  • Sociological background of the research (theoretical / research / policy problem definition…)
  • Research questions and methodology (where contribution is empirical)
  • Key findings, if research is completed; if research is in progress, please state this
  • Implications and significance of the study and its (suggested) findings

Possible themes include (but are not limited to):

  1. Studies of futures in (and of) consumption
  2. Justice and consumption
  3. Inequalities and social exclusions
  4. (Alternative) systems of provision
  5. Sufficiency-based consumption strategies
  6. Sustainable consumption
  7. Consumption, movements and collective action
  8. Empowerment of consumer and citizen
  9. Ethical and political consumption
  10. Generations and consumer culture
  11. Lifestyles and consumption
  12. Collaborative and sharing economy
  13. Compulsive consumption
  14. Consumption and body (politics)
  15. Social capital and consumption
  16. Cultural consumption and stratification
  17. Digitalisation and consumption
  18. Food consumption
  19. Gender and consumption
  20. Leisure and consumption
  21. Consumption and tourism
  22. Material and immaterial consumption
  23. Politics of distinction
  24. Prosumption
  25. Sociology of taste
  26. Cultures of consumption
  27. Spaces of consumption
  28. Theories of consumption

Types of Submissions

Individual papers

This is a comprehensive, lecture-style oral presentation. If a submitted paper abstract is not formally submitted as part of a proposed paper session, it will be organised with other accepted paper abstract proposals fitting within a similar theme. 

  • Individual paper presentation length: 20 minutes with 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A
  • Length of required abstracts: max. 300 words

Paper sessions

Like the individual papers, the paper session is designed to be comprehensive, lecture-style oral presentations of thematic papers. A proposed paper session is intended to be a collection of papers organised by the session organiser.

  • Paper session presentation length: recommended 20 minutes for each paper with 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A
  • Total session length: 90 minutes
  • Total number of session papers: Up to 5
  • Length of required abstracts: max. 300 words

Lightning talks

A lightning talk is a quick and dynamic presentation of a concept and / or subsequent research. A lightning talk is delivered in no more than 5 minutes followed by a discussion. All lightning talks will be organized into a joint session.

  • Lightning talk presentation length: max. 5 minutes
  • Length of required abstracts: max. 300 words 


This is an organized discussion-based panel without papers or timed 15-minute presentations.

  • Session length: 90 minutes
  • Total number of session participants: Up to 5
  • Length of required abstract: max. 300 words

Working session

Do you have any idea for a project or a paper and would enjoy bringing equally-interested individuals into the same room to brainstorm with the purpose of walking away with a tangible plan of action? A working session will provide you the space to refine your idea and find potential collaborators.

  • Working session length: 90 minutes
  • Total number of session participants: Unlimited based on interest
  • Length of required abstracts: max. 250 words