Early career colloquium

Sociology of Consumption PhD and early career researcher colloquium

30 August 2022, 1.30 pm

Justice and futures: Conceptual and methodological challenges in Sociology of Consumption

Introduction and objectives of the course:

This free colloquium for PhD candidates and early career researchers (ECR) precedes the ESA research network for Sociology of Consumption midterm meeting, held from 31 August to 2 September 2022 in Oslo, Norway. The colloquium gives participants the chance to deepen their knowledge on contemporary sociological accounts of consumption, to discuss the practical issues of academic career and to interact with several conference speakers and other interesting, invited scholars.

In line with the theme of the conference, the session covers the broad topic of what it means to live and consume well in future societies. Here, we are interested in the exploration of sociological understanding of production and consumption including political, moral and normative consequences, as well as alternative forms of consumption, provisioning networks, appropriation and disposal. These involve a number of current and emerging challenges to traditional methodological designs and use of methods in investigating consumption. Digital technologies and hybrid realities reshape well established methodological paradigms and provide spaces for new and enhanced methodological exploration beyond physical barriers. In alignment with the theme of the conference, we aim to provide means for the analysis of an array of activities, in and around their interrelated societal and political struggles. We wish to engage in conceptual, methodological and empirical dialogues providing the potential for conceptual sophistication, empirical inspiration and societal contribution of the sociology of consumption.

Target group: The colloquium is intended for PhD candidates and early career researchers across the social sciences, such as anthropology, geography, political science, sociology and marketing, with an interest in sociology of consumption.

Format: The workshop offers a combination of different educational activities, from brief presentations from speakers to small group discussions.

Tentative programme:

13:30 Arrival

14:00 Welcome and introductions

14:30 What it means to live and consume well in future societies: Sociological understandings and methodological designs for researching consumption. Talks from Professor Marlyne Sahakian (University of Geneva), Dr Tally Katz-Gerro (University of Manchester), other speakers tbc

15:00 Small group discussions

16:00 Plenary discussion on current methodological challenges, consumption futures and coproduction of a reflective piece around conference’s key questions

17:30 Social event

Outcome of the workshop: Altogether, the colloquium and its debates are meant to support conferences main questions, namely what different futures are being imagined, how do alternative futures shape current practices, and who has control over what futures are enacted? Will a Great Resignation of consumption take place and lead us towards more sustainable and just futures?

For this means, colloquium will dedicate ample time for the coproduction of a reflective piece to be presented at RN5 plenary meeting during the conference. Shape and content of this piece will be collectively agreed by colloquium participants.


Register for the colloquium here: https://lboro.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/esa-rn5-colloquium. Deadline is June 20th. Also remember the formal registration to the midterm meeting via ConfTool!.

More information: Adrian Leguina: A.Leguina@lboro.ac.uk. Senja Laakso: senja.laakso@helsinki.fi.