The ombudsperson for students

The ombudsperson can provide advice and give assistance in matters concerning the study situation. For example if you have questions about admission, examination, practice, complaints, psychosocial environment, cases of cheating or suitability issues.

The ombudsperson is independent and confidential. No issue is too big or too small.

When should you contact the ombudsperson?

– If you have questions about your rights as a student at OsloMet.
If you want to talk confidentially about a situation at OsloMet.
If you need help communicating With OsloMet.
If you have questions about the policies or procedures that apply to your specific issue or case
If you want to know what resources or options available
For information on how to appeal a decision or help in connection with an ongoing complaint
If you feel that a procedure at OsloMet is not being followed
If you are not sure where else to turn for help

Contact the ombudsperson:

Rebekka Midgaard

+ 47 404 66 603


Pilestredet 52, ground floor.