Young people have largely withdrawn from traditional forms of democratic participation. They are still keen to engage in democratic life, but ask for more and different public spaces of participation. Addressing this challenge, the key goal of the U-YouPa project is to provide a research-based understanding of the interconnection between cultural and technological preconditions for strengthening youth participation in digital dialogue spaces, thus meeting the fundamental challenges of inclusion currently emerging in European countries.

The project will:

i) develop methods, concepts and empirical knowledge that contribute to increased understanding of the potential participatory media spaces for intercultural dialogue among young people,

ii) analyze current varieties in young people`s involvement on cultural and political media platforms, and explore innovative frameworks for stimulating young people`s contributions to developing an (inter)culturally reflective and inclusive media literacy, and

iii) create a knowledge-based ethical framework for technology design supporting inclusive dialogues in digital media spaces.


4 years

Project manager

Harald Hornmoen


The Research Council of Norway

Application Number: ES656630 Project Number: 301896 – SAMKUL