The project


The key goal of U-YouPa is to provide research-based understanding of the interconnection between cultural and technological preconditions for strengthening youth participation in digital dialogue spaces, and by this meet the fundamental challenges of inclusion currently emerging in European countries. In addressing this, our studies will also provide an understanding of young people’s preferences with regard to participatory and connectivity cultures in media production processes. […]


U-YouPa will conduct participatory studies to propose new models to enhance young people’s engagement in digital media production, media education and intercultural dialogues in four European countries: Austria, France, Norway and Germany. The project arranges LLs involving young people as co-researchers and co-designers. This requires awareness of cultural values and a deep understanding of how engagement and social connection can be facilitated in collaborative settings offline and supported. […]

Research questions

The project is designed to fill in the aforementioned knowledge gaps by answering the following overall research questions: […]