Ageing in Cities

OECD (2015), Ageing in Cities, OECD Publishing, Paris

OECD (2015), Ageing in Cities, OECD Publishing, Paris

OECD new report explores the roles of cities on ageing societies by answering an important question: “How are urban populations ageing?”

One of the main findings on this report is the fact that within OECD metropolitan areas, the older population is growing faster than the total population.

The report also shows that ageing trends are different between OECD metropolitan areas (functional urban areas) and non-metropolitan areas. While metropolitan areas are marginally younger than non-metropolitan areas, the number of older people is increasing faster: 23.8 % vs. 18.2 % during 2001-2011.

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Critical Turns of Time, Age and Ageing

Prof. Jan Baars | IAGGER 8 April 2015

Prof. Jan Baars | IAGGER 8 April 2015

If I had had only the opportunity to attend the opening keynote presentations at the eighth IAGG-ER Congress, the visit to Dublin would already have been worth it.

Prof. Jan Baars, Desmond O’Neill and Rose Anne Kenny gave brilliant and inspiring lectures. You can listen to the first presentation at the end of this post (click continue reading).

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Care-friendly cities?

Norah Keating

Norah Keating introducing the GSIA Master Class

For some of us the IAGG-ER congress in Dublin started a bit earlier with a very interesting master class on Population Ageing and the Challenges of Integrating Paid Work and Family Care Work.

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Cultural Tips: Old Love

According to song facts, the septuagenarian Eric Clapton wrote this song after the divorce with Pattie Boyd, in 1988 (the song was released in 1989).
In my humble opinion, the unplugged version has one of the most beautiful piano solos in history (5’18”):

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Is Oslo ready for the longevity revolution?

Norway Life ExpctancyAfter completing their 60th birthday, the average Norwegian can expect to live for another 24 years. Within these, he or she can also expect to have almost 18 years of good health.

In Oslo, this fantastic human achievement has already transformed the landscape, but the coming years will bring new challenges. Read More

Cultural Tips: Modern Times

This almost octogenarian masterpiece is a “must watch movie”. Not only because it is very funny, but also because it raises some fundamental debates on society and technology.

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