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Cultural Tips: Modern Times

This almost octogenarian masterpiece is a “must watch movie”. Not only because it is very funny, but also because it raises some fundamental debates on society and technology.

Original poster for Charlie Chaplin's 1936 film Modern Times
Original poster for Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film Modern Times

Filmed and set during the great depression, the movie portraits the iconic little tramp performed by Charlie Chaplin as an assembly-line factory worker.

Man vs machine

At the first part of the movie, Chaplin introduces the debate on the relationship between Humans and Technology.

Almost eight decades later, industrial cities and factory workers are no longer the symbol of “modern times”. Still, that relationship – man and machine – plays a central role in modern societies’ organization.

The last great silent movie?

To an interesting debate and analyses of Modern Times, I strongly recommend this documentary by Philippe Truffault:

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