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Re-thinking Technology for older persons

Re-thinking Technology for older persons
Re-thinking Technology for older persons

Lecture for the HiOA International Summer School on Universal Design of ICT.

The main objective of this presentation is to discuss the political, ideological and ethical implications present on technology design focusing the case of population ageing.

|| The presentation is available here ||

As promised, a list of additional references on design, urban design and population ageing:

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Norway universally designed by 2025
Norway universally designed by 2025

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Contested Spaces
Designing Wellbeing in Elderly Care Homes

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Elderly Care Homes. CROSSOVER 2/2013. Aalto University publication series. Link.
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Action for Age
Action for Age

I would also like to recommend this very interesting project:

Action for Age, a partnership between the  Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and the experimentadesign.

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