The London Design Museum Challenge to the Dominant Perspective on Ageing

From January 12th to February 19th the London Design Museum had an exhibition dedicated to the demographic change. Entitled “New Old” the exhibition looked at how design can help people lead fuller, healthier and more rewarding lives into old age.

The curator, Jeremy Myerson, a renowned academic dedicated to people-centred and inclusive design, could not be clearer about his perspective on the dominant perception about old-age:

“Currently, we have a feeling in the creative industry that ageing is a demographic time bomb waiting to explode, it’s a crisis!”. On an interview to the website The Drum, the academic calls for a more sophisticated perspective, closer to real-life depictions of older people and their motivations instead of the typical stereotypes of grannies on a motorbike.

PriestmanGoode’s Scooter For Life Source:

The exhibition showcased six projects that aim to make life better for older people. Apart from The Drum article, you can find good critical reviews on The GuardianDesignweek, and more photos and details about the referred projects on dezeen.

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