Professor Halina Dunin-Woyseth    

Design Education, Practice and Research: On Building a Field of Inquiry

Dr. Halina Dunin-Woyseth, architect and professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Since 1990 she has been the founding head of the AHO’s Doctoral Programme and she has contributed to establishing a new doctoral programme in culture studies at the Telemark University College (2011-2012). Her main research interests are various issues of knowledge in the design professions, epistemology of architecture and philosophy of science. In the 1990s she introduced the concept of “making knowledge” and “making disciplines”, which has been, further on, developed in Scandinavian co-operation. She has been the founder and (co-)editor of the journal “Research Magazine” since 1991. She has a broad teaching and research practice from Scandinavia and other countries, and has been guest professor at several universities internationally, most recently at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. She has lectured and published extensively, been commissioned as an evaluator by several research councils in Scandinavia, and supervised PhD students in Norway and abroad.

Together with:

Professor Fredrik Nilsson

Design Education, Practice and Research: On Building a Field of Inquiry 

Dr. Fredrik Nilsson, architect, professor of Architectural Theory at Chalmers University of Technology, and Partner and Head of Research and Development at the architectural office White Arkitekter AB. Research profile mainly directed to contemporary architecture, architectural theory and philosophy with a special interest in the epistemology of architecture, design theory and the implications of technology for the interaction between conceptual thinking, practical design work and production. He has taught and lectured at several schools for architecture and design in Scandinavia, and was senior professor at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, 2007-2009. Nilsson is currently director of the strong research environment in architectural theories and methods “Architecture in the Making: Architecture as a Making Discipline and Material Practice” funded by the Swedish research council Formas 2011-2016. Nilsson is author and editor of several books and frequently publishes articles, architectural criticism and reviews of books.

Professor Tim Cooper

Cogs in a wheel? Design education and the demands of consumerism

Tim Cooper is Professor of Sustainable Design and Consumption at Nottingham Trent University. An economics graduate, he worked in industry prior to taking up a post at Sheffield Hallam University, where he worked for fifteen years. His research interests are multidisciplinary, embracing design, consumer behaviour, public policy and environmental ethics. Contributing Editor ofLonger Lasting Products(Gower, 2010), his work has latterly focussed on the clothing and electronic goods industries. He has acted as research evaluator for the Research Council of Norway and, in the UK, as Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Environment Committee.

Professor Jim Gleeson

The European Credit Transfer System, pre-defined learning outcomes and design education

Jim Gleeson holds a PhD in curriculum policy from the University of East Anglia. He is currently Professor of Identity and Curriculum at Australian Catholic University (Brisbane campus) and was previously a post-primary teacher before moving into teacher education at the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland, as Course Leader for Education Leadership, Head of the Education Department and Senior Lecturer. Curriculum development, policy and evaluation are his main areas of research expertise. He directed the Curriculum Evaluation and Policy Research Unit at UL and has considerable experience as supervisor of post-graduate students and as External Examiner in universities in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Jim was a nominee of the Irish universities on the Teaching Council of Ireland (2005-2102).

Dr. Jill Franz

Design Learning: A Productive Force for Engaging the Radical Self

Dr Jill Franz, BAppSc-BltEnv., DipT., MEdStud., PhD, FDIA,  is a Professor in the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She has extensive experience in design research and education, and is currently supervising 11 PhD students undertaking research in a range of areas including: design and health; design methodology and practice; inclusive design; design discourse and education. In terms of her own research, Jill’s interest is in supporting independent living for people with disabilities as well as the development of participatory and consensus approaches to design and design education. She is a founding member of the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators’ Association (IDEA) and for several years was Executive Editor ofIDEA Journal.

Dr. Ingvild Digranes

Design Learning for Tomorrow – Design Education from Kindergarten to PhD

Ingvild Digranes holds a PhD in Art and Design Education form the Oslo School of Architecure and Design. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. She teaches courses in Art and Design Education at Master level as well as Educational Theory and Practice in Art and Design Education for artists, designers and architects that wish to qualify for teaching positions. Her research is primarily in the area of how design in general education can be a starting point for citizenship, user participation, design literacy, and a sustainable future. She is a board member in several organisations for design education in general education, both nationally and internationally. She is active in the research network DesignDialog. She is also a part of the editorial team in TechneA, and will be the main editor of the TechnaA special issue connected to this conference.

Professor Astrid Skjerven

Vernacular traditions in Norwegian jewelry design

Dr. Astrid Skjerven is Professor in Design Theory at The Institute of Product Design, Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway. Astrid Skjerven has a doctorate in design history from The University of Oslo in the field of design. Her special field of interest is the phenomenon of Scandinavian design in a global context, and the impact on design on daily life. She has previously worked as Research Coordinator, Researcher and Head Librarian at The National Academy of Arts in Oslo. She has been Co Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Design History and Leader of Docomomo Norway, and has published articles in books and international scientific journals. She is National Committee Deputy Member of the EU based Cost Action of Cultural Sustainability. At present she is working on a research project on China and cultural sustainability on design. She is frequently used as a guest lecturer, and has experience as a PhD examiner from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.