Two new projects coming to INTEGRATE!

The Research Council of Norway has granted support for two research projects tied to INTEGRATE. «Organising for Outcome» led by Tone Alm Andreassen and «Engage» led by Eric Breit.

«Organising for Outcome» (O4O) will study service integration and transitions to employment for citizens with complex service needs. The project answers a need for research on coordination and cooperation across professions and services aimed at groups on the margins of the labour market.

In addition to Tone, core group members of INTEGRATE such as Espen Dahl, Therese Saltkjel, Kjetil A. van der Wel, Eric Breit, and Trond Petersen, as well as international collaborators Renate Minas and Flemming Larsen, will participate in 040.

«Engage», aims to develop new knowledge about how small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can contribute successfully to the sustained workplace inclusion of vulnerable citizens, and can be supported effectively in doing so.

In addition to Eric, Øysten Spjelkavik of the INTEGRATE core group, and international collaborators Rik van Berkel and Nicolette van Gestel will participate in Engage.

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