Here is a sample of books, most of them open access online, which may provide students and academics with interesting transnational perspectives on media, freedom of expression and related issues.

Elisabeth Eide, Kristin Skare Orgeret & Nil Mutluer (eds.) Transnational Othering, Global Diversities. Media, Extremism and Free Expression. Nordicom. Open Access.

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front page of Transnational Othering, Global Diversities. Media, Extremism and Free Expression. 

blurry picture of children and women in burkas.

UNESCO publishes a handbook on journalism, fake news and disinformation.

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front page of journalism, fake news and disinformation. picture of a  curled up newspaper and the word Fake news whit a red line over it.

Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies Yearbook was first published in 2002 and places particular emphasis on film, television and new media. The yearbook, although carrying a theme each issue, welcomes a broad range of articles along with shorter review pieces.

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picture of the northern lights.

Frey, Elsebeth; Rhaman Mofiz; El Bour, Hamida (eds. 2017) Negotiating Journalism. Core Values and Cultural Diversities. Gothenburg: Nordicom Open access publication. Chapters from Authors in Bangladesh, Tunisia and Norway.

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illustrated picture of a knitted norwegian pattern transferring over into a african motive.

Carlsson, Ulla & Poyhtari, Reeta (eds. 2017) The Assault on Journalism. Building Knowledge to Protect Freedom of Expression. Gothenburg, Nordicom.

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white page with blood splatter on it.

Eide, Elisabeth; Ismaeli, Afshin; Senatorzade, Amin (2017): “På flukt med mobiltelefon : en dyrebar følgesvenn». Pax Forlag.

a person sitting on his phone as there is fire work of in the distance.

Kunelius, R.; Eide, E.; Tegelberg, M.; Yagodin, D. (Eds.) (2016): Media and Global Climate Knowledge. Journalism and the IPCC. Palgrave Macmillan.

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a young girl running over a beach.

Lippe, Berit von der; Ottosen, Rune (2016): Gendering War and Peace Reporting. Some Insights – Some Missing Links. Nordicom. Open Access publication.

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a picture of a female war photographer
crouching in a street.

Carlsson, Ulla (ed.) (2016): Freedom of expression and media in transition: studies and reflections in the digital age. Gothenburg: Nordicom. Open access publication.

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Orgeret, Kristin and Tayeebwa, William (eds.) (2016): Journalism in conflict and post conflict conditions. Worldwide perspectives. Open access publication. Gothenburg: Nordicom.

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a little boy sitting in an old tire looking away. 

the wall behind him is covered in bullet holes

Eide, Elisabeth; Kunelius, Risto (eds.) (2012). Media Meets Climate. The Global Challenge for Journalism. Nordicom. Review:

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picture of an iceberg where just the top is showing.

Online articles

Eide, Elisabeth; Lånkan, Kjersti Blehr (2016): Autonomous journalists and anonymous politicians? – Norwegian media coverage of the NSA surveillance and the «Snowden Affair». Norsk Medietidsskrift 03 / 2016 (Volum 22).

Orgeret, Kristin (2016): Cheap clothes: Distant disasters. Journalism turning suffering into practical action. Journalism, October 5, 2016. (On media coverage of the Rana Tower catastrophe in Bangladesh).

Eide, Elisabeth (2016): Lectures en contrepoint. Caricatures et contextes d’interprétations. Communication & langages, Volume 2016/Numéro 187, pp 31-46.

Schäfer, Mike; Berglez, Peter; Wessler, Hartmut; Eide, Elisabeth; Nerlich, Brigitte; O’Neill, Saffron (2016): Investigating mediated climate change communication: A best-practice guide. Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, Research Reports No. 6, 2016.