Climate Change / Young Climate Activists

Since 2018, young people, many of them school students, have been protesting, challenging politicians to do more to curb the climate crisis. Last summer (2019), the MediaClimate network started The Youth Project, where researchers from more than twenty countries are involved, by interviewing young leaders on all continents about their experiences, not least including their views on and experiences with media coverage of climate change,and of their activities. So far, we have received reports from 18 countries, more will follow.

Read more on climate change and journalism: Here is an article by James Painter: Climate Change Journalism: Time to adapt, in Environmental Communication, feb 2019:  JamesClimateArticle And an article by Risto Kunelius:  “A forced Opportunity:  Climate change and Journalism: RistoClimatearticle in Journalism 20 (1) (2019)