Netgovru workshop in Oslo

A Netgovru workshop with all core members of the research team was arranged 11-12 December 2014 in Oslo to discuss four contributions (a ‘symposium’) to be submitted to a leading journal on East European politics. The articles will be submitted for review shortly. We had very good and fruitful discussions on each of the article drafts, and on theories and empirical findings on network governance and other governance modes in Russia. Plans for a book were also discussed.



Netgovru conference papers

Olga Tkach has presented NETGOVRU papers at two international conferences:

Olga Tkach. Governing Migrant Integration in Russia: Institutional Design and Approaches to Collaboration. Paper presented at the 11th international ETMU Days Conference “In/Equalities in Diverse Societies. Identifying Problems, Remedies and Alternatives”, University of Helsinki, Finland 23-24.10.2014

Olga Tkach. ‘Turn to Integration’ in Russian Migration Policy: Institutional Design and Contradictory Trends. Paper presented at “Contested Migration Regimes: European Perspectives and Beyond” Mid-term Conference of the ESA Research Network 35 “Sociology of Migration”, November 13-14, 2014, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Netgovru at the Aleksanteri conference, Helsinki

Five papers with basis in the Netgovru project were presented at the 2014 Aleksanteri Conference in Helsinki in October 2014.

One panel was devoted to theories and findings from the project:

1C: Network Governance and Social Policies in Russia (Hall 8)

Chair: Anni Kangas (University of Tampere, Finland)

The Discursive Construction of Non-State Actors Roles in Russian Policy-Formation and Policy-Implementation
Marthe Handå Myhre (Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Norway)

Applying Network Governance on Russia
Jørn Holm-Hansen (Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Norway)

The Role of NGOs in the Sphere of Children Protection in Contemporary Russia
Elena Bogdanova (Centre for Independent Social Research, Russia)

Discussant: Regina Smyth (University of Indiana, USA)
In addition, two individual papers were presented:

5D: New Practices of Public Administration (Hall 17)

Chair: Sari Autio-Sarasmo (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland)

The Role of Governance Networks in Handling Complex Social Issues in Russia’s Regions
Aadne Aasland (The Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Norway) and Elena Bogdanova (Centre for Independent Social Research, Russia)

6D: Opposition Politics in Russia (U40, Hall 8)

Chair: Vladimir Gel’man (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland)

Migration Policies and Acts of Citizenship: Problems of Cooperation
Alexander Kondakov (Centre for Independent Social Research; European University at Saint Petersburg, Russia)



The project Netgovru, financed by the Norwegian Research Council‘s NORRUS programme, now has its own website. Here, we will publish news about our activities, publications, and findings.

The project began January 1, 2013, and will be ongoing throughout 2015.