Call for papers

1. Comparative-historical macrosociology

Coordinator(s): Lars Mjøset (Department of sociology and human geography, University of Oslo, Norway) Kristian Berg Harpviken (Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway)

35 years ago, Theda Skocpol edited “Vision and method in historical sociology”. The volume contained introductions to 5 European scholars (Marc Bloch, Karl Polanyi, Reinhard Bendix, Perry Anderson, E.P. Thompson) and 4 American scholars (S. N. Eisenstadt, Charles Tilly, Immanuel Wallerstein, Barrington Moore).

This panel invites papers on where this tradition stands today. Papers could discuss other scholars, either more recent ones (such as Michael Mann, Francis Fukuyama, Acemoglou & Robinson) or scholars that might have been included even in the Skocpol volume (for example, what about Stein Rokkan?). But even more importantly, we invite substantive analyses that develop one or more of the current macro-historical frameworks, responding to research questions that are relevant today.