Call for papers

22. Open Master Session

Coordinator(s): Lars Erik L. Gjerde (Master Student, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo, Norway)

While the conference at large is oriented towards the sociology of conflicts, the master session remains open for contributions from all across the sociological terrain – regardless of which theoretical, thematical or methodological orientations these projects embrace. 

The open master session is for students finishing their master’s studies in 2020, seeking to share their recently finalized theses with fellow students from the Nordic countries. 

The aim of this session is twofold. Firstly, students will establish networks and learn more about what their fellow Nordic sociology students are working on. Secondly, it is an opportunity for presenting key findings from one’s own master’s thesis and get feed back from peers. 

Individuals are invited to submit partial or full papers ahead of time (max 20 pages), so that prepared commentaries can be organized between participant of the session. As far as it is possible, commentators are allocated based on the topics and interests of participants. There will also be time for the audience to offer questions and feedback on the presentation. 

Interested students may contact for questions on participation at the session. This may include questions regarding a) submissions and practical questions regarding the session and b) volunteer participation in the organization of the session. Abstracts can be submitted through the conference web page.