Transborder Café: In Barents We Trust

Vigdis Nygaard from RE:Barents participated in a panel debate on the achievements of the Barents collaboration on the 30th anniversary since its establishment. The whole event took place in Kirkenes 11 January and is available online on Youtube (if you follow the link you will also find more information about the event).

Presidential programme final conference

On 28 January 2022 the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities organised the final conference of the Presidential programme, one of the programmes that is studied in the RE:Barents project. Due to Covid restrictions the event was organised in a digital fashion. About 70 participants, mostly previous participants in the programme, could listen to presentations about the history of the programme and personal accounts of experiences during internships in Norway and Russia. Elita Cakule (photo) and Christian Larsen (KS/RE:Barents participants) gave a presentation of the Presidential programme, and Aadne Aasland (OsloMet/RE:Barents project leader) presented the plans for the final assessment of the programme.

RE:Barents presented at Nordområdekonferansen

At Nordområdekonferansen, organised by the Norwegian Health and Care Ministry 6-7 December in Oslo (Radisson Nydalen), Aadne Aasland presented the RE:Barents project to those who have received funding for health collaboration with Russia from the Ministry’s grant scheme. Aasland also used the opportunity to present the plans for the evaluation of this grant scheme which NIBR will undertake in collaboration with RE:Barents partners NORCE and Luzin during the next few months.


Collaboration in difficult times

RE:Barents researchers (Bård Kårtveit and Vigdis Nygaard at NORCE) write about the importance of keeping up collaboration with Russian partners – in Dagsavisen 6 December 2021.

RE:Barents presented for JWGHS

The RE:Barents project was presented by Aadne Aasland for the Joint Working Group on Health and Related Social Issues at their 33rd (digital) Meeting, 12 November 2021

NIBR to evaluate Norwegian-Russian health collaboration

Foto: Barentssekretariatet (Ksenia Novikova)

NIBR, OsloMet – in collaboration with NORCE Research and Luzin Institute for Economic Studies – has been selected to conduct an evaluation of the Grant scheme for Norwegian-Russian health collaboration in the 2016 – 2019 period for the Norwegian Health and Care Ministry. The evaluation is scheduled to be ready by May 2022. The team consists of Aadne Aasland (project leader), Jørn Holm-Hansen, Bård Kårtveit, Ludmila Ivanova, Larisa Riabova and Svetlana Britvina, all participants in the RE:Barents project.