Recruitment in corona-time: updates and presentations

The PhD students on the project, Helene Teigen and Cristina Paupini, are officially starting their recruitment! 

After a short set back due to the Covid19 emergency, they have decided to revise their projects and move part of the interviews on a digital format. 

Paupini is the newest addition to the Department of Computer Science’s team on the project, she started her PhD in September together with Teigen. Her background is in Education and Universal Design and she has been working as a research assistant at TKD, OsloMet, since February 2019. Among other things, she has taken part in an extensive, transdisciplinary research on digital citizenship across Norway, Spain and Australia. She is conducting most of the fieldwork for package three and four in close collaboration with Teigen. 

Furthermore, she will contribute to RELINK with her doctoral project with the preliminary working title ‘A User-Centered approach to digital household risk management’

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