Relink at ESA RN5

ESA RN5 – the Midterm Meeting of the Research Network of Sociology of Consumption took place in Olso on 26-29 of August this year.

RELINK was well represented in the “Digital practices: Thematic discussion on digital consumption practices” session with a total of three presented papers by project members.

First off was PhD fellow Helene Teigen, who presented her paper “Assembling the practices: Researching digital risk in the connected home”.

PhD Fellow Cristina Paupini presented the paper “A user-centered approach to digital household risk perception”, which was cowritten with supervisors Anthony Giannoumis and Terje Gjøsæter.

And lastly, researcher Dag Slettemeås presented his paper “Outsmarting the smart home: Consumer engagement in social media”

The presentations were held digitally in response to the global pandemic and the session itself included lively discussions following each paper.

All in all, we’re happy with a very successful conference!

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