New paper on trust and privacy management

RELINK PhD fellows at OsloMet, Cristina Paupini and Helene Fiane Teigen, have co-written a paper with Dr Alex van der Zeeuw from the Univeristy of Twente on trust and privacy management. The paper compares data from RELINK and van der Zeeuw’s fieldwork in the Nethwelands to see how trust in national institutions, such as the government, influence people’s approach to privacy and their smart home technologies.

The main points from the article are:

  • Norway and the Netherlands are similar in the way they approached internet adoption.
  • Norwegian people trust more Norwegian and European companies.
  • Norwegians want the state involved in regulating privacy and surveillance.
  • The Dutch appear skeptical towards the intrusion of their state on privacy.
  • Dutch people support a decentralization of policy control on privacy.

Read the full article here.

Full reference: Paupini, C., van der Zeeuw, A. & Teigen, H. F. (2022). “Trust in the institution and privacy management of Internet of Things devices. A comparative study of Dutch and Norwegian households”, Technology in Society, Vol 70. DOI:

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

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