October 2022: TRILL project members from Norway, Germany, Iceland and Sweden got together for a two day workshop to present and discuss ongoing research on transitions in later life. There were presentations based on NorLAG as well as the Tromsø study, for example on patterns of transitions in later life (Katharina Herlofson), and on health consequences of bereavement (Heine Strand & Milan Chang) and retirement (Harpa Eyjolfsdottir & Carin Lennartsson).

June 2022: Members of the TRILL project group will be presenting a symposium on Socioeconomic inequalities in ageing and transitions in later life at the 26th Nordic Congress in Gerontology in Odense (26NKG)

November 2021: Meeting in TRILL user group – Directorate of Health and KS

October 2021: Special issue in Frontiers of Psychology Psycho-Behavioral Factors and Longevity with a TRILL publication showing that both higher levels of wealth and perceived control are important for reduced elderly mortality over an 11-year period.