ARDU – The accommodation of regional diversity in Ukraine

A Norwegian-Ukrainian research project (2018-2021) funded by the Research Council of Norway (NORRUSS Plus programme)

ARDU examines how ethnicity, language and regional-local identity interact within the context of political reform in Ukraine. The project’s main aim is to find out to what extent, and how, current Ukrainian decentralisation, education and language policies affect social cohesion among ethnocultural groups in two very different border regions. Kharkiv in the east and bordering Russia, has a sizable Russian ethnocultural population, while the western region of Chernivtsi borders Romania and comprises a substantial Romanian minority.The project also studies how Ukraine’s ethnic policies affect relations with neighbouring states. By focusing on current political reforms, ARDU adds to the emerging research on identity and politics in Ukraine, an issue which is highly important for the country’s stability.


  • New ARDU book chapter published
    Sabine Kropp and Jørn Holm-Hansen have written a book chapter «Why No Federalism? The Challenges of Institutionalizing a Multilevel Order in Ukraine» for the book «Emerging Federal Structures in the Post-Cold War Era, edited by Soeren Keil and Sabine Kropp. The chapter is based on research carried out as part of the ARDU project. Congratulations …
  • Article on Ukrainian society under war conditions
    Oleksandra Deineko and Aadne Aasland have written the article «Ukrainian Society under Conditions of War» for Forum for Ukrainian Studies (2 April 2022).
  • Kronikk in Dagsavisen
    Aadne Aasland and Oleksandra Deineko write about the strong sense of belonging in Ukrainian local communities and the legitimacy of local mayors in resistance against the Russian invasion in Dagsavisen (in Norwegian)
  • New report with survey results from Ukraine
    Visiting researcher Oleksandra Deineko at OsloMet (from Karazin Kharkiv National University) has written a new report based on survey results on the humanitarian situation and war experiences among more than 3,000 Ukrainians.
  • Ukraine more united than ever
    Jørn, Marthe and Aadne have written a piece for the web-site of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK Ytring on how social cohesion has been strengthened in recent years – and that people have a strong sense of national belonging regardless of their ethnic identity, language, and geography.