Press freedom

Teaching “access to information” in Nairobi

Henry Maina in Article 19 during the workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool in  Nairobi
Norwegian investigative journalist Tarjei Leer-Salvesen at the workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool in NairobiTogether with Article 19 Eastern Africa, JMIC has organized a workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool in Nairobi for 30 investigative journalists from the region.

The workshop is a follow-up of a similar workshop last year, by the Norwegian investigative journalist Tarjei Leer-Salvesen. This time also his colleague Maren Sæbø has joined.

Similar workshops are planned in North Africa and South Asia later this year together with the local Article 19 offices – with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Access to information is part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (16.10). It is also one of the main pillars of the Norwegian strategy for freedom of expression and independent media in foreign and development policy.

JMIC received a two-year grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs this summer to “help strengthen the democratic public through collaboration with good institutions in the global South which educate journalists.” The grant provides opportunities to continue the longstanding cooperation with partners in the south worldwide.



Fotojournalistika for Azerbaijani students

They are produced as a part of the the Council of Europe/European Union Joint project on “Freedom of expression and media freedom in Azerbaijan”, which is part of the Partnership for Good Governance for Eastern Partnership countries.

Together with the Azerbaijani colleagues Ibrahimpasha Babayev, Aynur Bashirov and Aliakhbar Muradov, Jon Petter Evensen from the Photojournalism program at HiOA has written the Photojournalism textbook Fotojournalistika.