Rewarding training of trainees on a pedagogical tool

With certificates on the last day of the workshop for journalism teachers on press freedom. From left: Rafia Somai, Elsebeth Frey, Hanen Melliti, Semichi Widad, Chahira Ben Abdallah, Faysal Souissi, Abdallah Draa and LotfiAli-Guechi. Photo: Private.

Last week Elsebeth Frey (JMIC and OsloMet) did a workshop in Tunis, a training of trainees regarding press freedom and a pedagogical tool called the Rig on press freedom. Read More

18 young photographers from 4 countries

The students and tutors after the start-up workshop (Photo: Sagar Chhetri)

Photojournalism students from China, Bangladesh, Nepal and Norway attended a start-up workshop in Nepal last week with world-famous Christopher Morris and Philip Blenkinsop from VII Academy as tutors. 

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“Tunisian Girl” Lina ben Mhenni passed away

Lina ben Mhenni, globally known as blogger “Tunisian Girl” before, during and after the Tunisian revolution in 2011, passed away last week, only 36 years old. She visited Norway and JMIC’s predecessor for a conference in 2013, and we also met her in Tunisia.  She showed immense courage and inspired people from all generations in her home country. In an obituary published by Electronic Frontier Foundation, she is quoted characterizing digital activism: as “an efficient tool against censorship and dictatorship”, but she still believed that “action in the digital world must be combined with actions in the real world” (Jillian C. York, 27 Jan 2020).

Safety training in Addis Ababa 

Participants from four countries came for the training (Photo: Rebecca Tadesse Hunde)

JMIC conducted a safety training for journalists in Addis Ababa last week, in collaboration with Addis Ababa University and NLA University College. Read More

Teaching War and Peace Journalism

How to teach War and Peace journalism: professional challenges when encountering propaganda and fake news. 

In the last issue of the journal JOURNALISM EDUCATION (2019; 8:2), Elisabeth Eide and Rune Ottosen have published an article drawing on their extensive experience in teaching an MA course in war and peace journalism with students from a wide range of countries.

Preparing for fieldwork

Abeer Saady teaching the students how to protect each other (Photo: Nima Taheri)

JMIC safety trainer Abeer Saady held a one day safety workshop in Oslo this week. Read More