Preparing for fieldwork

Abeer Saady teaching the students how to protect each other (Photo: Nima Taheri)

JMIC safety trainer Abeer Saady held a one day safety workshop in Oslo this week.

The aim was to help prepare students of journalism and photojournalism for fieldwork. They learned to manage their profiles electronically and in the real world, how to grab a bag with the most necessary things when something happens and many other useful tools.

Saady also went through their story and travel ideas.

The students in their final semester will be leaving for fieldwork in the middle of February to return home after approximately six weeks

For more information about their study program, see the new webpage of OsloMet  – Oslo Metropolitian University  

About journalism   and the final 6 semester

About photojournalism and the  final 6. semester  (In Norwegian)

The workshop was full of practical exercises and group work (Photo: Nima Taheri)



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