A seminar to connect journalists across the globe

On September 24th Global Risk Journalism Hub, OsloMet, and JMIC will produce a digital seminar on how to practice journalism and particularly podcasts during global crises. By introducing international journalists and media producers we ask whether global crises can bring creative media producers together through their work.

Jordan Gass-Pooré (CNN), Jo Healey (BBC), Craig Templeton (The Guardian Masterclass), and Aryana Noorozi (Pulitzer Prize Fellow) come together to offer practical approaches of how to produce journalism or media content during Covid-19 but also crises beyond the pandemic. Mentorship for producers, visual storytelling, podcasting on a global scale, and interviewing during traumatic events, are all topics that will be discussed.

The goal of this seminar is to connect both students and academics digitally on a global scale. The seminar calls for more interdisciplinary in journalism and beyond the newsroom. 

The seminar will be hosted by OsloMet students and Global Risk Journalism podcasters Åsta Marie Berg Sander, Thomas Johnstone and Stine Førland. Associate Professor at OsloMet, Maria Konow Lund is both the instigator of the seminar and its producer. 

Time: 24.September 2021, 12.00 (GMT+1)
Will be streamed on Youtube

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