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Iranian scholar Dr. Mahmud Farjami spoke about Humour in Islam on zoom at OsloMet 12 May 2021.  

At the seminar he presented his soon to be completed research article, Self-Mockeries of a Mullah. A look on the humorous autobiography of Aqa Najafi Quchani (1878-1943).  He has continued his long-standing research into Humour in Islam in addition to presentations at conferences and teaching.  

He is the author and the editor of books such asIranian Political Satirists: Experience and Motivation in the Contemporary,A Selection of Ten Years Journalistic Socio-Political Satires (2004-2014) andAn Introduction to Humor Studies. 

Dr. Mahmud Farjami was introduced by Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Head of Department, Department of Journalism and Media Studies. JMIC staff Professor Emerita Elisabeth Eide commented his presentation, together with Kathleen Jennings, Head Of Section, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty Administration, Section for Research and Development at OsloMet.   

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