OsloMet demands the release of Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam (third from the right) together with colleagues from Bangladesh during the DOK festival in Fredrikstad in 2015 (Photo: Jon Petter Evensen)

One of OsloMet’s international partners, Shahidul Alam, has been imprisoned. The university has now sent a letter to Bangladeshi authorities to demand his release.

Photojournalist and activist Shahidul Alam was arrested after commenting on the student demonstrations in Bangladesh on the television channel Al Jazeera.

Rector Curt Rice has signed the letter: We live in Norway, with privileged lives. When we see other people´s fundamental rights being challenged, I think we must react. Especially since we have established cooperation with Alam, says Rice.  He is concerned about Alam’s safety, health and freedom of speech.

Over three hundred international academics, artists and activists have delivered similar letters.

University teacher Jon Petter Evensen follows his case: The latest news is that Alam is waiting for a trial on September 11th to discuss whether he should be able to get out of jail.  

Shahidul Alam  has been an important partner for the photojournalim education at OsloMet since 2003. 

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Shahidul Alam (second from right) during a panel discussion during the DOK festival in Fredrikstad in 2015 (Photo: Jon Petter Evensen)


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