Journalist security


screenshot of  Mohamed Ali Al-Asfar
Professor Mohamed Ali Al-Asfar 

A digital safety training was organized in Libya 18 March. 

20 participants came from the Libyan Academy for Graduate Studies at Alzzaytuna University and the Libyan Center for Freedom of Press (LCFP)

Local organizer was Professor  Mohamed Ali  Al-Asfar. Currently he is a media lecturer at the Libyan Academy for Graduate Studies and Alzzaytuna University (, ) 

Not all were able to attend: «We regret some of the circumstances that did not enable some to enter and communicate with us, including the power cuts in some areas, the weakness of the Internet, as well as the lack of experience of many on how to use zoom.” 

The training was useful, according to Professor Al-Asfar: “beneficial to students, journalists and for all of us. We really enjoyed the discussions and the valuable information.” 

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