Journalism and security

Through support from the Norwegian UNESCO committee we have carried out two projects of importance for journalists’ security. We have undertaken a large study which includes interviews with journalists and editors in eight countries on four continents: Tunisia, Uganda, Nigeria, Philippines, Nepal, Colombia, Nicaragua and Norway. We asked:

  • How do journalists and editors experience the situation regarding security and threats, and how does this have an impact on the journalistic and editorial work carried out?
  • What is the need for and the possibilities for systematic training of journalists who work in areas of conflict?

The projects have for instance resulted in  M. Høiby og Ottosen, R. Gender, War and Conflict reporting (2016), and contributions to Carlsson, Ulla (Red.), Freedom of Expression and Media in Transition. Studies and Reflections in the Digital Age. Nordicom 2016.

The research group arranged the launch of UNESCOs “World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development: Special Digital Focus” in February 2016, where journalists’ security was a central focus and we participated in the launch of «Partnership to advance safety of journalists» initiated by UNESCO and NORCAP.