Gendering War and Peace Reporting

Some insights -some missing links

Editor:  Berit von der Lippe, Rune Ottosen Publisher:  Nordicom Published:  2016-12 Pages:  278 ISBN:  978-91-87957-42-0 Language:  English Type:  Printed, PDF Series:  Research Antologies 280,00 kr 32,00 EUSome insights -some missing links

War reporting has traditionally been a male activity. Elite sources like politicians, high ranking military officers and state officials are collectively still dominated by men, and it will take more than the presence of an increased number of female journalists to change this male hegemony. There is, though, no deterministic link between sex/gender and more peaceful news or a more peaceful world. This book offers analytic approaches to how traditional war journalism is gendered. Through different case studies, the book reveals how the framing of different femininities and masculinities affects the reporting and our understanding of war and conflicts.

Members of MEKK have contributet with the following chapters:

 Berit von der Lippe and Rune Ottosen: Introduction: Approaches and Insights on Gendering War- and Peace Reporting, Marte Høiby with Sexual Violence against Journalists in Conflict Zones. Gendered Practices and Cultures in the NewsroomElisabeth Eide with War and Women’s Voices. The Gender Approach of Afghanistan’s Largest News Agency, Kristin Skare Orgeret with Is Peace a Smiling Woman? Femininities and Masculinities in Conflict and Peace CoverageRune Ottosen with Masculinity, Iconisation and Fictional War Heroes in the GWT